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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
my friend know this tapper less than 3 years in firm just got promoted to L9 !
Looks like those sour grape who canít get promotion is because ownself cannot make it! Stop whining and get yourself together
Promotion here is never sorely based on merits, thereís also ppl who were not performing badly but just normal no exceptional performance but they either got promoted this time when thereís limited budget or even fast track in previous cycles. You just need to have a damn good PL that is influential in the function and is domineering enough to fight for you or either you know project senior management well.

Thereís also those who I know who are well performers - doing plus ones, bds on top of project, doing a lot on project performing at next level or doing 2 persons role. They got promoted this cycle but wasnít for fast track despite doing so many already. Thatís why her case was damn unfortunate and unfair in June.

Of course thereís those one or two who perform well and have the right timing to get fast track. But itís never purely based on MERIT here. #facts and reality

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