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This question I ask myself a lot when i was A1
Actually bigshot syndrome can start once anyone become S1, they think they become reviewer and allocate out, sit back shake leg

if AM ask A1 to do, they do.
You think M will review work allocation of the AM? Got chance the M book the AM cos they know each other and instructions are to ask A1 do everything, if dunno how to do can ask AM.

Genrally, life of associates is...
A1 won't dare offend S1 becos S1 suckup to M, M won't hear A1 problems and will think A1 is difficult to deal. So the A1 promotions rely heavily on what S1 tells M.
My 2 cent
AM should take hard section
AA should do cash expense. Prepayment ppe
A1 will just follow pass yr awp to do those hard section. Haha

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