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very honest advice here. if you're looking into a transformation, change management career, isn't going into a consultancy firm (albeit may not be MBB but perhaps 2nd tier or so) expose yourself to more projects and scope of work? By straight up joining a bank right after u grad, not sure how ur trajectory would be. Take note also that project / transformation roles in banks are very prone to being made redundant if sh*t happens to the bank and they are looking to cut costs because banks would stop most projects and focus on BAU staff to keep existing operations gg.
of course, if analysys mason or oliver wyman give me an offer, ill take it but the reality is, not everyone have a very shiny resume and is an automatic shoo-in for consulting companies. ofc ill be happy to take other opportunities but this one is okay by me for a summer internship if they are gracious enough to offer me

ill take note about the volatility of the job though, always keeping an eye out for exit opps but for now, not going to count my chickens before they hatch lol
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