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Yeah I agree. It’s a VERY decent intern pay considering it’s not a front office role. You simply cannot compare between front office ‘banking’ roles and roles like these where you’re not client facing. only 2 bb banks ops r the only non-FO intern roles in banks that pay ard 5k and even then that is the same as ft salary which is less than scb ft. Please understand the role u r applying for, where it stands in the banking chain and then evaluate whether pay is peanuts or not. Ofc if 2.5 for ib then ya is peanuts but this is not even banking related so 2.5 is great
lol what crack are u on?

transformation in banking is equivalent to consulting which pays decently well. by no means the salary of FO sales but definitely way higher than BO.

for scb to pay 2.5k for such a role is as good as local banks dishing out 1k/month intern pay for IB... you think can fight for the top talents?

to the guy applying for the role, pls don't be misguided that transformation is a fluffly or not part of the "banking chain". transformation roles are not easy to land and they do pay decently well of course not as well as mbb. good luck to u
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