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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
rightfully if you have gone as far as interview stage, they ought to notify u with the outcome in writing (be it via email reply from the HR/HC point of contact from that agency/SB) or via the careers@gov one

i have experience own scenario whereby aft gg interview end Sept
no sound no news from the HR manazer (temp staff btw)
end up write to him a few days ago, his email address uplorry aka no longer with the said SB

die lor
have to find another way to get the SB to churn out the rejection whh i suspect it wasn't properly follow up to close loop with me and instead give me cliffhanger with no proper closure aka ghosting.
Shucks. Sorry to hear your experience. Yup they should have gotten back to you.

I am also waiting for them to get back to me be it offering me or rejecting me. That's why I am rather anxious. I was expecting them to send a rejection email since they haven't offered me anything and it's been 2 weeks as stated during the interview

Hopefully you can get a closure soon and all the best with your job search!

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