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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
As opposed to make bank and retire in the 60s?
Make bank meh?
People in private have to feed an ecosystem lei
Rent at swanky place 30k a month. Remember hor, novenna medical center is the most expensive place to rent a medical clinic in the entire world. ENITRE WORLD.
Team of receptionist and nurses.
Receptionist with cpf 30k a year each x2
Nurse 50k x2
OT nurse who assist u in surgery or do dressing u better pay well
100k x2

Fix capital cost easily 600 to 800k a year

Often pple see high surgical fee but never see the outlay also high

Work very hard for 1.5 million revenue but maybe 60 percent goes to fix cost

That's if u popular.
Not popular u might just be scrapping by only.

Might not make much more than the consultant in hospital who has minions doing everything for him
Might not make much more than the popular GP who has a lower fix cost

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