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You don't have to regret anything. Maybe the job was not a suitable fit. But as long as you didn't burn bridges or did major mistakes at the work, I don't think the reference check will affect you. Like what the other poster said, they are checking with HR if you indeed worked there.

All the best in your job search!
I tore down the bridge at my previous SB. The DD wanted to infringe safety measurements during COVID due to his insistence of getting people physically back to work. He appointed me as the safe measure officer which required me to put my name on a weekly checklist to confirm that all safety measures are in order.

Of course I didn't do a single one. He found out about it months later and was furious. Luckily a job offer came in on the night he found out, tendered my resignation the next day. He didn't even want to accept my physical letter of resignation, just told me to email to him and cc his PA.

Left for another SB, got recognition from my current boss, was given a B at my first full appraisal. No harm done.

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