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Why must take FCH? People with first class are at the very top by definition aboto start with. Note that this is about their educational and not work performance. So to use an FCH person and say "it's common to max the salary ceiling is absurd as an FCH person is a tiny minority

Let's use a truly average person then

Starting salary= 3900
Year 1 (cohort promotion) 3900 +700 =4600
Year 2-6 (annual MI) = 4600 +(200 x5) =5600

Where is the maxing the salary cap in 4-6 years come about? I'm here using numbers to show how it's not possible for an "average person". So for the people claiming that an "average person" can max in 5-6 years with a C grade, show your working pls.
GEO3 here (4th year in grade). Your math is correct.
I'm a 2UCH and my numbers match yours. MI was slightly lower during Covid but this was balanced out by a 9% salary revision.

I will likely max out in another 3+ years.

Just wanted to add. Indeed FCH are a minority of a graduating cohort. However, with more selective and decreased hiring, and with a large % of GEO3s being scholars... large proportion of GEO3s are going to be FCH or 2UCH. Anyway, FCH and 2UCH now command the same starting salary - one of MOE's moves to "de-emphasise" on grades and qualifications.
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