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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
2022] GEO3: 3900-6250
[2022] GEO4: 4800-7700
[2022] GEO5: 5150-8250

This is the current salary range for geo3-5. Assuming an average performer gets a $200 annual merit increment you're looking at ~11 years to go from 3900 - 6250. How would a person be able to hit the salary ceiling in the time u claim. Anyway, for the average performer at the very latest, they will get promoted in their 7th year. If you're taking longer than that, "bottom of the barrel" applies.

As I mentioned, the wide salary range gives rise to unhappiness. If geo4 was split into 2, from 4800 - 6200 and 6200 - 7700, what would be lost?
Just randomly passing by here, but I just wish to correct some things.

1. The annual merit increment for an average performer is lower than 200.

2. Most offixers between GEO3 - 5 went through the COVID years, where the annual increment was so low that its almost insignificant (heard it was $50 or something?). That's 3 years of delay there.

3. There's also the issue of officers getting consecutively good grades of C+ and B, but are not promoted. We should collectively agree that these people shouldn't be at the "bottom of the barrel", otherwise why would they deserve good grades?

As for splitting the salary comment. There's both good and bad for that I suppose
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