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I am Gen Y. I worked my ass off for 4 years in a toxic place where many young gen Y officers were striving to get ahead. I initially asked myself why I did not get a KP position after getting Bs and C+(promotion year). I blamed the Gen X everyday. but I came to learn that if my heart is always where promotions and positions are, i will become bitterly disppointed each time during promotion time. i decided to focus on why i joined teaching - it was the kids. I left the toxic sch to join another sch. the receiving P appreciated my hard work and made me a SH. then when the 2nd sch started to get toxic because of some HODs, I decided to leave because my focus did not align with those toxic people. I left during open posting to find another P who will appreciate me.

in summary
1. my heart should be with the kids. Our job impacts their lives.
2. the impact on the kids is visible to all.
3. Do not keep expecting promotion. It will come most unexpectedly
4. Do not focus on what i are doing only, look at others for inspiration. It is easy to talk about my own contributions, but not about others. Motivate yourself.
5. The KRA is a guide. Not a Salvation document for promotion

I am blessed but I also recognise that I need to work hard and act to ensure that I do not suffer. I move schools to protect myself and find like-minded people. No place is perfect... if I have to bend my principles and values to adapt, I will not stay. I will not join toxicity. stay true to your job, be there for the kids, then aspire to what you want to or can achieve.

Agree that KRA is a guide. How many years have you been in service?
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