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I was a lowly HR staff who sat in for his interview with the HR Director at that time (fresh out of sch at that time n had to take notes). I recall this interview very vividly because it was one of the more refreshing ones where the person is saying something more memorable and less politically correct. He did not badmouth JK at all (but did bring up some names of other less hardworking ppl in the organisation when the HR Director pressed him for it, some of whom have been complained about and have poor work reviews already when we looked into it). He was making a case for how 10% of all the employees were doing 90% of the work, and said that the workforce at IMDA could be halved and the pay of the hardworking employees increased to be commensurate with their efforts, and still the efficiency of the organisation will go up. He sounded very logical but I could tell that he was very demoralised already (he said he did not feel his compensation matched his work output) and his tone sounded a little exasperated, like he was saying something that should be very obvious to us. He was quite charming and polite if I may add, and was looking at me too when he spoke (most interviewees only speak to the HR Director and treated me like I was transparent, which probably explains why I have a better memory of him). Later, the HR Director reported her findings to the CE, but JK distorted what he said to make it seem like he was a self-entitled and arrogant scholar when he did not come across as such to me at all. So the CE and other directors had an incorrect impression of what he said or felt. Think JK was afraid he badmouthed her or it would look bad on her department like she was overworking all her staff, thus she decided to throw him under the bus and cast him in a bad light, which made me feel quite wronged on his behalf, but who am I to speak up in a room of Directors and above?
this place is really ****ed up to the max, so many ****ed up situations

****ed up 1 - minority tanking majoirty of the work but bosses get all the applause and glory

****ed up 2 - competent people aren't fairly rewarded

****ed up 3 - boss blatantly went to distort HR findings

****ed up 4 - HR director didn't stop her from distorting

****ed up 5 - management decided to believe a one-sided story

I remember when i was working there, the ****ed up part which I encountered was the culture wasn't about maintaining the integrity of data. The stats which were surfaced upwards were the result of selective grouping. Data was grouped in a way that highlights the intended outcome while downplaying other relevant groups. But I was a lowly staff too so who am I to speak up LOL
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