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Then don't join the race? Like what exactly do you want? It seems like you all want to do less work and yet rise in the system.

In my school student council chairperson is the person who's shown leadership qualities and inspired their fellow students, not the ones who are the loudest about the work that they do. Maybe, these kids hold a valuable lesson you can learn.
Reasonable career progression, but without normalising chronic excessive overwork and excessive sacrifices of other things in life besides work.

Not expecting to fly like EMS or PSC scholars, but also not expecting to be stuck at GEO3, an entry level grade, for 8 years, just because you aren't doing twice or thrice the job that you're paid to do.

Giving 110% or 120% is fine, but glorifying and rewarding people who juggle more side projects than they have fingers and burning weekend after weekend is hurting the system and the culture.
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