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I understand how you feel. I was in a senior management before, earning $300K per annum but was asked to leave due to the venomous office politics. I dont want to get anymore involved in all the sh*t and resolved to lead a simpler life. Friends I used to have slowly stopped calling to join the high life style groups.

I am now doing my own full time investing, not earning much but enough. I too had the foresight to buy 2 investment properties which gives me a nice passive income to feed my family.

You are doing ok in my opinion. What matters is you. Be proud of who you are, no matter what your friends say. Those who stopped being your friends are not your true friends.

Life is short. Spend your time more with your family. They are your true friends.
How old are you when that happen? I guess that is the risk with being in senior management. You are dealing more with politics and people than the work itself.

I am climbing the career ladder to reach there and I am cautious about such risks.

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