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Originally Posted by erose View Post
Thanks for the response. I pretty much expected that range too. It is really quite dismal. I have freelanced in New York and earned more than twice that offered in Singapore, even as an entry-level. I'm looking to settle down soon, and frankly, it's going to be hard raising a family in the 2K range.

I'm not sure whether you are in the industry too, but would you have any suggestions on how to build a better career in this industry? Would freelancing in Singapore be more lucrative than a full-time position?

Possibly looking to switch to teaching sometime down the road if staying in the industry doesn't go anywhere. Any idea how much a polytechnic lecturer can command with maybe around 2-3 years industry experience? Also, what about private schools such as LaSalle and the other art schools?
You can't join this industry with a view of making money like an average middle income professional. Doesn't happen.

Freelancing pay will be much higher on a per hour worked basis, but the probelm is most people cannot find a consistent pipeline of full time projects. With gaps and breaks in between projects, the absolute pay might end up lower than a full time employee.

You won't qualify for poly or any other decent school lecturer with just a basic degree & 2-3 years experience, so don't bank on that.

At the end of the day is simple, you want to pursue your interest then be prepared for a low end pay. If you are thinking of building career, starting family, living the PME lifestyle, don't think of steeping into this industry in creative positions, you are better off getting a salaried administrative job.
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