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I second this. One of the rare few quality advices in this forum. I feel that for someone without tech background, ACN is a good company that offers different types of exposure. If you realised that one area of work is not for you, thereís always other types of work that you can explore until you find something that fits your strengths.

Over the years, Iíve learnt to play my cards well and ration my efforts when itís time to shine. It takes a while to learn how things work in the company but once you figure it out and got the leadershipís support, the stage is yours.

I think that thereís definitely gonna be comparison with other companies and itís really up to the individual to determine whether staying is the best option.

To me, I feel like as long as you have opportunities to shine and your career trajectory is smooth, thereís no reason for you to job hop. Granted, there could be better opportunities outside, but what are you gonna do after 2 years in that new company when opportunities run dry? Hop again? Isnít that exhausting?
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