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Hi guys. I am an eng-trained professional who wants to join asset management companies. I graduated with B.Eng 2nd lower from NUS 2010 and have been working for two years. Firstly as an engineer, then as a financial advisor for 7 months. I have following doubts and hope to get some advice from you all here.. thanks thanks :P

- With my current qualification & experience, am I able to get into AM companies like blackrock, miton, etc. If yes, what kinda role? opt?

- If I must go for further study, which one is more relevant and valued: MFE?, MBA? or CFA?

- If I were to take CFA cert, working experience in financial lines s required, does my 7-month financial advisor exp count? must it be at least more than 2 years?

thanks again. feeling really miserable now.. if I received good career advice 5 years ago, things would be totally different.. haiz..
Generally the answer is No. Your chances of getting into a top AM firm like Blackrock on the fund management level is close to NIL.

Short of somebody well known in the industry vouching for you, your academic qualifications, short stint as a retail salesperson (I'm assuming that's what you meant by financial advisor) places you at the bottom of a long queue of candidates.

A CFA is Finance101 and will not help you much, the only other alternative is to go for a Masters from a prestigious university, but the costs are famously prohibitive and most have stringent professional experience pre-requisite.

I suggest you lower your expectations and set realistic career goals if you are still interested in this industry.
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