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Hi guys. I am an eng-trained professional who wants to join asset management companies. I graduated with B.Eng 2nd lower from NUS 2010 and have been working for two years. Firstly as an engineer, then as a financial advisor for 7 months. I have following doubts and hope to get some advice from you all here.. thanks thanks :P

- With my current qualification & experience, am I able to get into AM companies like blackrock, miton, etc. If yes, what kinda role? opt?

- If I must go for further study, which one is more relevant and valued: MFE?, MBA? or CFA?

- If I were to take CFA cert, working experience in financial lines s required, does my 7-month financial advisor exp count? must it be at least more than 2 years?

thanks again. feeling really miserable now.. if I received good career advice 5 years ago, things would be totally different.. haiz..
Become a CFA Charterholder

If u haven't read this, its good to re-consider your career options in asset management. To earn your CFA charter, you must have at least 4yrs of qualified investment work experience. Where did u get the 2yrs from?

Can share why you aren't satisfied with your current FA job?

If you are looking at buy-side analyst, it's very tough to get in. For a newbie, not only do you need a good hons degree, you must also demonstrate your passion in research/analysis, do you do your own research and analysis on equities etc in professionally written report? Without relevant experience, you can attach these reports (including your thought processes etc) in your application to have a higher chance of interview. Do more research on this, CVs of analysts/portfolio managers etc are available on public domain for a reference. =)
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