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Originally Posted by normalguy View Post
Instead of saying I am intersted to work as a software engineer, I will say it's because I can only be a software engineer. As a student we are mainly only taught programming in poly. and uni. The rest of the stuff like networking, databases, .etc. They only teach us theories, never expose us to the softwares used in the market. I believe all schools are like that anyway.

I am moderately comfortable with programming though; it's kinda satisfying in a way... Language wise, I kind of believe you can never reach any company's expectations because everyone uses different stuff anyway. I strongly believe I can program and make anything, you just have to give me a few days to grasp the concept and language.

My problem is I don't know what starting salary range to ask for. I don't want to under or over-value myself.
for networking and database,their certificate has ccna and oracle certified associate isn't it.

I think you are right about the school not teaching us what are the tools to use.I have one advise is to ask you employer what are the tools that you required you to properly configure it in your laptop.

The problem about employer nowadays is they demand such skills even before your have them.Can't they be learnt On the fly?

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