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Default RE:graduation

hey,bro,my situation is also like yours you know.
I am a ntu computer science student going to be final year next year already.
I got a merit diploma with scjp as well.One route I can suggest is you take up SCWCD as well since it is a natural progression.But when i go to ntu my grade is only 2.xx pointer only,I don't know why is it like that.
I suggest one path is you can learn those dot net technologies and mssql by yourself.I also tend to undervalue myself,I just want to get a slack job 8-5 do coding can already.I also never set up server before,I hate going to client site to do the things.Maybe you can just aim for J2EE jsp job enough already.Php alot of people can spoil market.
I am thinking about learning HTML5 and excel vba now.
Those UOL from SIM really spoil market

I thought Comp Sci graduate from can command amongst the highest among NTU graduate?

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