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Sounds like MLM to me for sure.
I have never taken part in this before, but have seen friends tried and failed, only to benefit the fellas above them.
Currently, a person I know is also involved in this, and entangled in the web.
MLM uses psychology, brain washes their people that they are not selling products, but helping people improve their lives, conducts workshops to "educate" members about health in general, motivates them via ego boosting sessions etc. Very cult like.
I asked him how his coaches make a living and he said they are so successful they fly arond the region, stay in the top hotels and conducts workshops for my ass.
They brainwash and enshrine groupthink, and the peer pressure is so great you often comply. This person has been so overwhelmed it is obvious his MLM buddies/network are more important then his immediate families and their needs/concerns.
Usually people attracted to MLM are those who are the lower earners who want to break out and up, but is unable to do; they are often preyed upon due to their weaker mentality.
I am actually not against MLM as this is a distribution channel in itself, but the way they achieve their means and motivational tactics are unscrupulous.

There are many big ones like Amway....try typing Amway and Cult and see what you get on Google.
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