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Hi doctors and seniors, I'm a year 3 local med student, just want to consult a few questions regarding how to prep for getting into a residency of my choice and career in general:

1) Currently i'm doing some SRMAs but the topics are not really of my interests, i signed up for them in year 2 purely for exposure and hoping to master the skill of doing SRMA, and i'm thinking of doing some SRMAs related to my specialty of interest once i finish the current ones and have some specialties in mind after rotating through all year 3 positings (at least gen med and surg)

2) Career wise money is not my goal in the short term, i prefer to do work that makes me feel fulfilled and worthy, and from my pov, money is like a complement that shows the recognition of the work i have done

3) Surgery seems pretty interesting from my very shallow observation and understanding, i find procedures like wipple, different bypasses and transplants extremely creative and i like how surgeons can do procedural stuff and still see patients at outpatient clinic at the same time

4) Based on what i learned in y1-y2 only, body-system wise i'm interested in neuro, then followed by cardio, gi; i don't really want to do derm or ortho or ophthal as i found conditions in those specilties very niche and isolated

Hence, may I get advice how can i prep from year 3 now in order to get into the residency i want (preferably surgical or neuro related)? i think if i cannot get into the specialty i'm passionate about, i prefer to become a GP instead of specilising in something i'm not very interested in, as i also appreciate and admire the work done by gps see in terms of the broadness in the conditions they see

Thank you and my apologies if some of my viewpoints appear naive.

Ah the naiveness and sweet-old ignorance of medical school studentsÖ I was in your shoes 10 years ago.

Fast forward to now, I have left for the green pastures of GP land/aesthetics. Many of my peers also quit their GS/internal Med residencies.

Idealism doesnít exist in the real world kid. You need to fill your stomach and start saving for retirement. Thatís why many canít tolerate the slog in public and left for private practice.

I suggest you, to just study hard for medical school. Wait til you graduate and become a HO. Then tell me if you are still idealistic and burning with fire passion to become a surgeon
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