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The sweetener for law is the steady increment of 1k+ per month every year you rise in seniority. At least until you become partner and have to start sourcing for own clients.

So a good 7 - 8 years of steady increments. This is called 'lockstep progression' in industry parlance. Most people comparing the high starting salaries of other industries like IT fail to account for this 'semi-guaranteed' annual increment that lawyers compare.

How does MO's annual salary progression track this?

You are really a greenhorn! First of all, itís not a fair comparison if you compare private law firm salaries vis-a-vis MOHH salaries. A fairer comparison will be the Singapore legal service/legal aid bureau salaries with MOHH doctor salaries because both are public in nature.

Secondly, most doctors will leave MOHH after their bond expires for local grads/ when they get full reg for IMGs! No one will still stay on unless you are training in a residency.

$1000 a month increment for 7-8 years? Thatís pathetic . I received a DOUBLING of my monthly salary when I left MOHH after my bond to the private sector. Was earning $7500 a month as an MO, left MOHH after my bond and joined Healthway, now making $15000 a month!

Law will always fall behind Medicine, unless you get into an international firm where NQ salaries already start at $10000 a month. But how many actually get into those? About 5% of law grads I reckon.

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