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The sweetener for law is the steady increment of 1k+ per month every year you rise in seniority. At least until you become partner and have to start sourcing for own clients.

So a good 7 - 8 years of steady increments. This is called 'lockstep progression' in industry parlance. Most people comparing the high starting salaries of other industries like IT fail to account for this 'semi-guaranteed' annual increment that lawyers compare.

How does MO's annual salary progression track this?
so good
Dr v poor thing
not like IT or law
start 3.6K
every year 2-3% increment
study v hard become reg maybe 1K increment
study v hard become consultant maybe 2k increment
become consultant liao life easier a bit, no need source for clients; u have so many patient that you wish u have lesser.

but got free kopi from consultant after morning rounds as a junior. I think i never drank so much starbucks in my life.
Nurses / dietician / psychologist love us a lot -> trophy husband if u are a guy. Bring home mother /father nod in approval. If want can change g/f every year.
That's about it.

become lawyer better
become IT better
can earn 10x doctor salary -> confirm mother / father in law also kowtow to you (whats a nod of approval for doctors right)

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