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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hq where got so many position
U think everyone can be like paul goh and get
funny role of polyclinic development where is really shake leg
Nowadays clinic head/director already consultant liao.
Still damn shag to run a whole clinic lei. Kar Kia cannot see finish u have to mop up anyway
where got just shake leg. This kpi that kpi, the most irritating patient and complain case go to you
U finish 1 term as boss of a clinic probably dun want second time liao.

Hq no position u start to seriously think whether u want to cont or not

Most just step down and consider as elder of the clinic
See slowly also no one dare to scold.
Ahaha. Now and then some funny position step u , u go jump at it

Fam med
Dead end job
Dun join
bro i never say HQ got alot of position.
i said should leave during AC, don't waste anymore time

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