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Anyone in National billing project? Going to join it soon
Was from there previously. I would say relationship with the management team is very important. If they somehow don't like you, they wouldn't change their mind about it and wouldn't groom you. Management have their own way of doing things (CL9 and above). For team lead & above level, some of them have technical skill but mostly don't. You will be surprised that there are managers that doesn't have any technical skills relating to the project ( Can't debug etc). So they only know the business logic for their team aspect (This can be achieved if you stay there for about a year and people wants to impart their knowledge to you). Then these same group of people will help to feedback about your performance.

Imagine having actual basic coding knowledge but having to explain there's a defect to these group of people who doesn't have coding knowledge. Things will be extremely difficult as they don't understand from your POV. As there's a tight timeline to meet, mostly everyday will be OTing to do meaningless testing (with management siding one another only and pushing the blame to the tester/new comer who don't perform their task well), their only solution is to get in more people.

Of course there are talented technical people who knows both the functional side and technical aspect of the project, but it's only minority of them (Like 3/10)?

Welfare wise, I think it's quite basic as they provide meals for OTs and occasional dessert treat etc and cab fare (claimable) if you go home after 11pm
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