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Hi all, this thread draws my attention recently because I am currently work in one of the hospitals of NUHS cluster (1year+) and now get the offer from NHG.

To share a bit from my side: The PB I got after one year plus of working (May 2022- now) is quite ok = 3.07months for Band 3 in NUHS, the increment is sub par as usual, about 3.8%.

I have some question:

1. My current position is AH12, and the title of my offer is different (maybe better), but still fall under AH(1?). The HR is keep emphasising that my pay and benefit will not change at all when I move inter-cluster (NUHS --> NHG), due to what "MOH policy/scheme" whatsoever that claims to restrict people jumping within public healthcare sector. Do anyone know what is this so called "MOH policy/scheme" ? If yes, can show me the link/URL please?

2. Some people (actually they are my colleagues) told me that although the pay and benefits for the same position will be the same across these clusters (NHG , NUHS, SingHealth), but they said NUHS always provides the highest PB, followed up by the SingHealth, and NHG gives the lowest PB. Is this true? can somebody working in the NHG enlighten me please?
you can see the health union facebook page, recently they shared how much bonus each cluster is paying
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