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I mean just look at this:


Out of nowhere, their rice bowl gone. And this isn't uncommon. Foreign banks do this to locals all the time. They decide SG isn't profitable, they pack up and leave. Shutting down the entire bank/department/team etc. As someone previously from the private sector working with private bankers/traders from these foreign banks...i can tell you they are constantly under pressure, and constantly worried. Hell, even my boss back then was constantly worried that she would be asked to leave if she doesn't deliver in a quarter or 2.
What if I tell you that teachers are not really spared from this?

Yes, the 'business' is very stable, but it is by no means an iron rice bowl.

Have you thought about what happened to the surplus teachers when schools merged?

The perm staff were not sacked or retrenched immediately, that's true.
By right, all were redeployed.

And if all of them were redeployed, your school would have had an increase in headcount right? Do they?

Some of the redeployments are too different from the original role, and indirectly the officer is forced to quit. Heard of JC teachers suddenly redeployed to teach lower primary, from teaching complex content to motivated young adults, to teaching a group of rowdy children who can't even read and write properly.

Also seen many old timer pressured to retire early. Can be in the form of D grades, can be in the form of being assigned very challenging classes, or impossible workload and responsibilities.

They can't fire you that easily, but there are many ways to make people leave.
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