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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Its like if someone claims that they like to code but keep talking about how they want to move to a project managerial role where they do less coding, I would be just as skeptical.
So people like bill gates , zuckerberg, should have stayed as coders?

Since by switching to fulltime managerial tracks, they have by your definition betrayed their passion for coding?

Doctors should stay in public hospitals too. Because running their own business shows that they lack passion in treating patients?

Businessmen should stay at the retail frontline and do direct sales with customers, because focusing on backend corporate roles means they lack passion in their business?

Our generals should have never been promoted. Should all hentak kaki at being privates, because they signed on as career soldiers and should stick to doing soldier-ly stuff?

Do you realise how ridiculous this line of reasoning is?

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