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Is it 'bad' to want to be an ST? I'm in my 5th year, got promoted to GEO4 last year. My RO has been asking me to consider changing my mind about my chosen track, which is ST. She suggested that I go for leadership track instead, but I've no interest there. And when I asked her about ST-ship, she would talk about KP-ship.

How can I flourish as an ST? How to get started even? Is there a minimum number of years of service you must hit before being starting your ST-ship? The two STs in my school are from different department and not very friendly so I don't want to ask them. TIA
Its not bad to go on the ST track. What I find fascinating are people who claim that they entered teaching because they love to educate kids and guide them in their formative years. Yet these people are gunning for leadership track where the higher you go, the less direct interaction that you have with students.

Really makes me wonder whether the people here who keep harping on their passion for teaching are indeed genuine.
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