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Originally Posted by wern View Post
as long as 1st class in civil service, the major doesn't really matter what. but must be local uni, nus/ntu/smu standard to draw that level of pay lah.

Anw is it possible for a pass (merit) local degree holder to max out the ceiling and attain MX10 in 9-10years by age 35?
yes it is possible. but u must be super garang and prepare to suxk director cocks all the way.
don't ever step on any1 tail.
do alot of high level projects.
volunteer urself in all big small puny events organized by your agency or collaboration agencies
expose urself to all sorts of meetings to wayang talk cock etc etc
also pray ur CEP can maintain throughout the year.

with all the above done and if u still able to perform your day to day task well. ur CEP should be quite high, and high chance placed into high po and super scale scheme.

all da best~!

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