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My 2 cents and observations:
- Disagree with the "we all work until we die". Our effective runway is till 50. After that, we are extremely expendable. One wrong move and that is it. Assuming you start to work in your 20s, you have less than 30 years to be financially secure. If you really believe the gov's msg that you can work till 67, you really don't know the market very well.
- You are worth more than the toxicity you bring to the office. That is your saving grace. Managers will rather fire toxic workers than deal with their nonsense. The trouble and damage they bring to the team morale is just not worth it.
- Your enemy endure your toxicity and did not rage quit. Kudos to your enemy.
- I wouldn't be surprised that HR is monitoring you and not your enemy. You mentioned many people ask you to withdraw. That means many people in the company culture sided with your enemy, not you. You are the difficult one. Naturally, HR will be monitoring you.
Learn to read, not sure what u going on about, but clearly your comprehension skills is lacking
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