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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
6.9k you mean?
Is not impressive. With 3 yoe in IT , can easily get a 7-8k job tbh.
Most people quit at L9. Because progression to L8 (associate manager) involves a lot of “proving” yourself .
Have seen many people stuck at L9 for years until mid 30s
you said 6.5k base right? dunno if ur 400 allowance is a sure thing and on a monthly basis, if it is then might as well just say 6.9k base

also 3 yoe in IT for 7-8k, you're at 6.9k ( if the allowance is guaranteed and monthly ), whats the diff here? $100 for the lowest band?

think ure underselling urself abit too much there, have some confidence
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