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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Here's mine for comparison, started off at JG13, and still a JG13 after 8 years
Joined 2015: $37XX (matched last drawn, no pay increment)
2016: $41XX (salary revision ~7%)
2017: $42XX
2018: $44XX
2019: $45XX
2020: $47XX
2021: $51XX (salary revision ~5%)
2022: $53XX
2023: $55XX (based on last year's projection cos increment not out yet)

As you can see, the pay increment for PHI is pathetic, pls take my example as a warning to not join the industry, our pay increment is only 3plus % every year, it is not even enough to cover the rate of inflation. Promotion is very hard to come by, and to be honest, most of the average performers (me included) will retire at JG14.
Could you share,under what circumstances did you get a salary revision? I got no salary revision.

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