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Dont be afraid to quit and go to war. Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise. You will be letting your parents who raised you down by being easily bullied.

If u dont like someone in office or that particular person offended you, Dont be afraid to escalate to your superior and HR of course. Even if u think nothing happens, i'm sure the reputation and corporate image of that person is ruined. Make sure that you have value in the company so that your departure will cause an impact, this will further ruin the reputation of your enemy. Go on glassdoor and post a negative review on work place harrassment, this will further impact the hiring of the company which the HR will pay the price when they can't find new staff.

I did it once. AND IT FELT GOOD! my enemy from so aggressive became a mouse almost instantly once she knew my true potential in escalation email. Moreover, I went around office to spread what happened and people secretly judged her. Once you image is ruined, its a hard to recover. She had to put in extra effect to clear that negative image by being exceptionally nice to others while HR was watching. Of course I had value in the company so many people asked me to retract, however to further damage the reputation of my enemy I DIDNT.

Do it, only if u are still young and have the work experience to jump or quit if things get out of hand. We all work until we die, how can you retire in SG? So in the grand scheme of things, being jobless for 1 or 2 years is nothing.
I can foresee when you are in your 50s and gotten retrenched, you will do the same thing again and become an annoying evil lao ah pek.
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