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Been around this planet long enough to know karma is the last resort of the weak. Life is not a TV show. Bad ppl don't get punished in real life, they get paid insanely well. In fact, to survive and thrive in the corporate setting, people with psychopathic tendencies tend to climb to the top. If you see someone you don't like fall down, it is not "karma". It is just a coincidence. Why do you think ppl laughed at the fool who quit out of pride? Because, he actually thinks that he can climb back on the ladder easily. To get on the same position on the ladder in another company, you are blocking someone else. It is a bloody cutthroat world.

What are the learning points of this cautionary tale?
- Don't quit without securing another job.
- Endure if your financial position is not healthy yet.
- If you are out of the industry for 4 years, it is very difficult to climb back up the same ladder. SG is very small, work long enough, most ppl know or seen each other. If your peers are laughing at you, look for another ladder, you are done in the industry.
- If you are in your 40s and 50s, think very carefully before quiting. Especially if you are paid 5 digits. Not easy to find another company willing to pay that unless you can make money rain. Let alone, this guy was underperforming in his current company. Word gets out. SG is very small. My nickname from 1 company followed me into multiple companies for 7 years.
- All your finances should be in order before you hit 50.
- Prepare for ppl to laugh at your self-inflicted misfortune.
Ur nickname - talk rubbish? Haha

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