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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
If enter NIE directly, can graduate at 25, and get geo 3 at 26.
But NIE scholars don't promote so quickly.

If PSC scholar, after they graduate, still need to attend 1.5years of pgde.
And then get their geo3 1 year after pgde, by then they would be 28 years old.

To hit geo5 by 30, means need to promote every year, which is also unlikely.

AND even with rocket-speed promotion, without time to build up pay via annual increments, it just means that the person is earning around the bottom of the pay bracket for that paygrade. Which at geo5, isn't great enough to hit 100k.

So, most like CSB.
I am a 31M and currently geo4 and drawing total 100k already considering 16 mths (4 months bonus) alr
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