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Problem is that people who do medicine tend to be surrounded by elites anyway. Hence their comparison is always going to be with these people. For example, my jc class has 21 students, 10 entered medicine (either sg or overseas), the remaining are either Astar/psc scholars or went to ivy league unis or ox-bridge. In actual fact zero went to nus to study anything else other than medicine. (Interestingly no one did law, but I was from a bio/chem/math/econ class lah)

Hence we will always compare with these people and not the normal blue collar workers in the other industries. All of a sudden 200k/year don't sound a lot .

Law is not even lucrative unless you are in the top 5% that can get into an international firm.

NQ pay for Big 4 starts at $6500-$7000 a month and the hours are comparable to a MO.

Letís not even get into business/finance, only the very few minority can make it into investment banking

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