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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hello, I am the operator of SGLegalJobs, no need to fight over our credibility. Just take it for what it is.

Just know that we are trying our best to make the site and Telegram as reliable as possible and as value-adding as possible for lawyers in Singapore.

The stats are indeed somewhat speculative, but you will be familiar with the fact that no one in the industry has clear information to begin with. If you recall any conversation with your peers regarding industry salary, there will always be someone saying they heard one thing, and others saying they heard another thing - leading to no productive outcome.

It is also quite inconvenient for lawyers to have to scroll back hundreds of pages on this forum to find relevant information.

The goal of this website is to create a better ecosystem for lawyers to have a reliable source of job postings, updates and industry information.

We are open to constantly receiving feedback to improve. What you see now is not what you will see next year as we seek to better the service.

Then, if this is value-add enough for the community, and you find yourself coming back to our website and Telegram, we can hopefully make some income by selling job postings for counsel and private practice roles. I hope that clarifies our intentions and how we seek to be mutually beneficial.

We have recently updated our salary articles with the following information:

WongPartnership is said to receive 6.8k NQ, not 6.5k.
A&G is said to receive 7k from the start of August (before being called to the Bar).

You can always feel free to email [email protected] with further corrections. Have a great week ahead.
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