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Any median performer who passes the MBBS will be guaranteed a salary of 200K/year as a private GP eventually.

This is unlike in other faculties where getting an upper second or even first class, is by no means any guarantee of a 6 figure annual sum
Median performer who passes MBBS......

People who get into medicine and complete MBBS are not your usual "median performers" in life in the first place. They have to be top tier.

Therein lies the problem. Expectations.

Sure there is no guarantee to being a top performer in other fields. But there is always that nagging thought "what could be....."

The people who talk about "median performer who passes MBBS.." are the median performers in every other faculty. Not the top.

Medicine also doesn't pay for results. It pays for volume of work done, number of patients seen. Which is why there is no real good "performance based bonus" program. In the public sector they count KPI in the admin stuff, research done, Work improvement projects etc, which isn't really anything direct to the treatment and results for patients.

The establishment doesnt like to openly tell doctors this. But they dont reward you for getting patients results. You do the usual. Do no harm. And service as many as you can. That's what pays. Or you play the admin game. Pass exams. Collect titles to get promoted with higher SALARIES.

Sooner young drs figure this out the better.

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