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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
this sglegajobs portal is very sus. suddenly so much post traffic here. I think the portal is associated with some recruitment agency and they are astroturfing

After failing to do basic fact checking like the CPF bit in their article (see earlier comments), I have doubts about the factual accuracy of the salary bands stated therein.

It seems to be accurate so far, maybe you are just from Big 4 and salty for being called out.

They only comment on NQ and 1PQE anyways (which seems accurate so far) and seem to correct their info on CPF. I also know many junior lawyers who always ask about front-loading so very useful they can have resources like this.

It looks like their business model is just posting jobs for the benefit of lawyers. Who cares if they are associated with recruiters?

I don't mind getting Telegram notifications for counsel roles also, quite convenient don't have to scroll LinkedIn so often.

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