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Hi all, apologies to intercept without a link to the previous context.

Just wanted to find out, I heard from a friend that if I were to apply as a lecturer with a bachelor degree, I will most likely be pegged at IPS7.

Likewise, if I were to apply as a masters degree holder (awarded by MOE recognised university), there is a high chance that I will be offered IPS8.

I have about 10 years of relevant work experience in the area of teaching that I will be applying into.

My friend told me, like how some of you highlighted, that it is pretty important to enter at IPS8 as the minimum duration stucked in that grade is about 8 to 10 years for most people.

Can anyone here help to validate this claim?
You are lucky to be as 7, I am hired as Pax 5 awhich is now IPS5 about a decade ago.
Have 12 years experience double degrees from overseas. Stuck at ceiling for 10 years, any masters or PhD grad joins immediately higher than me And 15 years younger. It's up to u of course the work is not as stressed as the outside industry. Just lecturing the same stuffs is easy. But be prepared to have stagnant salary and pay cut like me 25%.
Salary increment is zero for me even though I get C+ everytime too even though outside I am A grader.
Office politics and favoritism are everywhere. At the expense of mental health maybe it's worth it in the long run.

Salary has been 5k plus for years.
U can strive when young but am already close to 50 And only IPS6.
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