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Spoken by someone who has never known poverty. There is no dignity in poverty.
I knew a guy in 2019 who threw his resignation letter two months before the covid situation hit. He was not happy with the poor review he got from the boss, and the increased supervision the managers were giving him. He has two kids and was in his late forties. It really ****ed him up. During covid, the only job he could get is the SG gov created gig jobs. He was let go after the covid situation died down. Jumping from gig job to gig job. It is 2023 and I just heard last month he is still trying to get back into our industry. There is already a four-year gap, and no one in the industry will hire him in his 50s. We are laughing at him and used him as a cautionary tale about pride. He went from a 5 digit monthly salary to living from hand to mouth with a freaking family to bring up.
how pathetic

life of a typical singaporean in singapore

other people's misfortune = funny to u

so cringe
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