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Originally Posted by winwin View Post
Looks like I have been lowballed badly. HR offered me 6.5k , quoting that annual gross can reach up to 16 month package on an average.
Is 16 months really the average in poly ?

How much is the annual increment ?

This is civil service. Your pay is based on your bachelors. Masters, PhD maybe help your CV to stand out from the rest, but doesn't really boost your pay much. People are paid based on their YOE. 6.5K for 4yr of work experience is just about right.

In civil service, you can expect 1 month of AWS. Performance bonus of 1.5 month for C, 2 months for C+, 2.5 months for B.
Depending on economy, if economy is doing well, growing above 2-3%, june and dec bonus should add up to around 1 month.

The average C grader in an average year will get 15.5 month. Get less if economy is not doing well.

Annual increment for average C graders is around 2%, until you hit your pay ceiling.
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