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also i checked my linkedin premium search for "Graduate associate (SEED)" role, linkedin tells me that from 2021 to 2023 jan, about 60-70%+ people with that title moved on to different jobs after 2 years whereas other roles left after 1 year.

means that on average, people work in dbs 1-2 years then leave. big red flag imo.
That's because most of them don't actually do any tech work in SEED program.

Like it or not, you don't get to choose your LOBT when you first join. You don't get to choose your role either, you can state your "preference" but ultimately you will do what they need you to do.

If that includes making PowerPoint slides for your SVP, that's what you will do.

You don't like it? Don't do your job and take a "BT" rating for your year-end review and cry about it then.

The lucky ones will get a chance to partake in big projects and get "OT" or "AT" ratings, in which they will then quality for HIPO program ( it's a fast tracked path to promotion )

Good luck, join the program, if you happen to be lucky and work on large-scale projects then congratulations, don't waste it, learn as much as possible and work damn hard.

If you're unlucky and get nothing to do then don't be a moron and just do nothing for 2+ years lol, that's incredibly stupid. I've seen SEEDers just sit by for 1.5 years doing nothing, like why? Go self-learn or prep for interviews.

Once you get "BT" twice in a row you're going to get fired.
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