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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Iím MX11A in a SB with bad WLB

I got a DX12 verbal offer and also a MX10 offer from a Ministry

And surprise, the DX12 offer is higher than the MX10

I asked Mindef HR for the ceiling of DX12 but they are unable to share

So my question is - is anyone able to share if the DX12 ceiling is higher than MX10 $12,300 ceiling?

Both jobs do the same corporate function, which is same as what Iím doing now. but it seems the Mindef job is lower workload based on the chitchat with the hiring manager. Basically more hands to do same work. Got NSF clerks to do grunt work

Iím inclined to go with DXO but if the ceiling is too much lower then in the longer term it would be better to take MX10

40s already. Time to farm to retirement
The HR sucks. Their favourite phrase is "unable to share" so you can't make proper informed decisions.

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