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I see more Drs buying resale hdb like my younger colleagues. Resale condos may be too exp even for them.

Ocr new condos some r selling for more than S$3k psf.

Drs may be priced out of private property at this rate.Esp the younger ones.
OCR havent 3k yet. the likely crazy price lauch is reserve residence likely abt 2.6k psf.
3k is usually CCR/D10 freehold, leedon green/pullman residences etc.
at 3k psf, to buy a 700 sqft 2 bedder is 2.1million

at TDSR of 55%, you need about 13k pay.
but must not buy car lah. if got car loan then u need about 16k.
anything more than 4mil, i dont suggest condo already, go buy ocr landed/interterrace.

but now ish property peak. anybody that enter the market now, you will suffer paper loss in next 2-3 years. need to have holding power and look at the mid term horizon 5-7 years. hence. i dont advise fellow dr to overcommit now.

rent if needed. really dangerous to enter market now if you dont have holding power.
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