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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
How much are you making now?

SGD2,800 is on the low side especially without any CPF contribution. Moreover, cost of living in suzhou is not that cheap too. What will you be doing there? Working as an engineer in the factory in Suzhou?

With a diploma and few years of experience, you can get SGD2,800 working in SIngapore.
My current basic is only 2k. If include ot n allowance i earn an average monthy pay of 3.3k last year. My working experience is only 1.5 year fresh out of ns.

I will sort of doing something like designing other compajy plant or faclities using autocad software. The only reason im taking this offer might be the travel oppotunity and maybe i can learn something. But pay wise i think is abit pathetic for an overseas posting. So you suggest i dont take it?
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