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Originally Posted by chanceux View Post
HI Thanks for your advice.
I know that I am a slow off the starting block compare to a lot of ppl switching careers, thus the dilemma. If I am going to take another year to find a job after graduating , that will be a serious consideration.

By the way do you see mid career change ppl in your office?

you mention your friend's class mate going back to china to look for a job? Did your friend mention anything about the make up of the students in the course. Locals more or age group?

I know i ask alot of qn here, if you know pls do drop a note

Thanks in advance
I think the most important thing is to find out what you like to do in your life and work towards the direction. For my view, there are so many ppl trying to get into finance without realising whether finance is the cup of tea for them or not and in my opinion, not every one is suitable to be in finance line.

Anyway if an engineer moved to finance, most of the time they will be doing Financial Engineering related stuff(for eg structured product, model valuation for complex product or risk management), this is something that you can consider too.

My 2cents of advice is go through the CFA level 1 curriculum and see whether you have the interest in finance, study for half a year and if you think you have the interest, then just go for the career switch, else think of something that you trutly interested to do in your life.
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