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I guess op trying to ask what matters in private then? (Other than able to see pt fast and commit more hours and work irregular hours)
Or rephrase, how can I generate more value for a private gp groups?
Soft skills.
You likable or not? Friendly to patient?
Can speak good hokkien? Cantonese? Hainanese? Malay?
Tamil? Bangla? Korean? Japanese? French? German?
Languages is a big plus cos you can get niche market high end
Insurance covered clients.
GP need to have good rapport with patients.
Trust you. Flexible alsom not everything is follow CPG strictly
Willing to do more also. Eg after work go do housecall for some patients
Certify death.
Willing to do health talks presentations.
Volunteer at health screening events
Good understanding of high profit margin meds to prescribe
Fast but not rushed. Efficient but not sloppy and miss things
You guys in GP land still function as phlebotomists right?
Eg for maid checkups and patient needing blood work?
Last time pretty sure HO do so many changes by the time MO
Is the best at taking blood.
But I heard lately got phlebotomists in govt hosp? So HO MO still good at takig blood or not?
GP land must be very patient and friendly. Caring
Know how to talk. Sweet talk. Small talk.
Esp beginning time got to invest time and effort
Later established relationship with patient then can go a bit faster
Alao depends you anchorint existing busy clinic cos main dr left
Or are you 2nd dr? Or are you anchoring NEW clinic?
New clinic is tough. Cos you competing with other established clinic.
Often they will under charge vs the new chain clinic. Plus pts
Have drs have their loyal following of pts.
If you 2nd dr is a good place to start.
But you must be aware of habits and practices of the anchor dr.
Dont go tell patient anchor dr do things wrong or not according
To CPG etc.
Know your place. Follow. Be nice. Slowly have pts warm up to you too.
Many things.
You will learn as you go.

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