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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
No one can confirm with u bonus and profit sharing one la
Remember , Ur profit sharing means lesser money for the chain owner.
Give u more money, boss this year cannot upgrade BMW liao.
Unless u make a lot of money for him.

MC on paper 14 days.HL 60 days?
U try to take lo.
Every day u MC, the boss has to scramble to find locum or he come work himself
I think u take more than 5 or 6 days ,
All your profit sharing go to pay for locum liao.
Do a few years no job liao.

Market rate?
See Ur skillset lo.
I got offered 17.5k for 44 hours per week with 2 nights and a weekend
It's a super busy clinic, they owner and second doctor, second doctor left to start his own hence opening come up. They see combined at least 150 pat a day and up to 200 during busy times.
Back of envelope cal show I earn 10 bucks per patient I see.

I say no thank you.
Dun want go home a broken soul everyday.

I tell u la. Best is those screening job
10 to 15 pat a day 13k a month.
Thks for yr info. This just confirms that I cannot work in small chains cause I take MC quite often. Will stay where I am then.
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